Support groups

Entry into gambling support group meetings is by referral from a PGF Services counsellor. Please call 0800 664 262 and ask to book an assessment session with a counsellor from your city.

These support groups are for people who would like to work towards and maintain being ‘gamble free’. Significant others are also welcome. The meetings have a semi-structured group format, and our facilitators lead the group in learning activities and support the group to remain focussed and supportive of one another.

Online Support Group

The online gambling support group is held every Tuesday from 12pm - 1pm and is open to those affected by their own, or someone else's, gambling. The group is facilitated by our Christchurch-based team but is open to everyone no matter where they are based in New Zealand. The group provides information, education and support for those wanting to reduce harm from gambling.

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In-person Support Groups

We facilitate weekly gambling support group meetings across New Zealand. Our groups are a safe space that can help you pause, reflect and make a change, supported by peers and one of our professional counsellors.

Our gambling support groups are open groups, however before joining your local group meetings an assessment with one of our counsellors is required. Please call 0800 664 262 and ask to book an assessment session with a counsellor.



“The PGF Auckland Support and Maintenance Group has been instrumental in keeping me gamble free. It is the sharing, vigorous discussions and exercises that I have found to be most helpful in fostering and maintaining my strength and determination to abstain. The group is run by a small dedicated and compassionate team of counsellors who facilitate each meeting providing a fertile ground for learning and growing by all participants be they in a time of need or in a period of abstinence wishing to further strengthen their resolve and pass on their experiences.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and guidance over the years”